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The Honest Moments of Navigating Change

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Closing the Laptop

The tears surprised me. Out of office until September 15th. As I typed the away message I felt the reality set in – when I closed my...

Isn't it Ironic

Sometimes life can bring a level of irony that catapults you right into the back seat of the car Alanis Morissette drives when she sings...

Karl the Fog

Fog… it is all around me. My brain is filled with fog, my move from 95-degree Meadow Vista to 60-degree fog-soaked Oakland has my tan...

The Decision Tree

Family, we love them, we hate them, we grow with them, and sometimes we don’t. The genetic test are back – the news is “good” news – I...


“At least you caught it early”, “Congratulations”, “Sounds like pretty good news” these are some of the things people have said as I...

The Moment She Knew

You know that feeling when the blood rushes from all parts of your body to your head, you feel your heartbeat in every centimeter of your...

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